Understanding investments

Most clients need to look beyond pure dollars and cents and weigh the costs of advice against peace of mind, discipline and structure, and greater certainty of a secure financial future when assessing the true value of advice. This is particularly relevant in times of volatile markets when the true value of advice is really tested.

Whether saving for a house, weighing up the benefits of an investment property, or deciding to explore the share market, building real wealth starts with setting clear short, medium and long-term goals, putting together an easy-to-follow budget that maximises your take-home income, and gaining an understanding of the effects of tax both on current earnings and future capital returns.

Understanding how investment markets can fluctuate, and being prepared for when share markets take an unexpected downturn, can take patience and a strong resolve. Investors need to keep in mind that historically these unexpected downturns are typically followed by a period of growth that sees investment values return to higher levels over time.

tax and you

While many people may be tempted to look after their own financial affairs, in general, without that added layer of knowledge and support offered by qualified financial advisers, many clients will be unaware of the opportunities lost, the mistakes often made through emotionally made choices, and the repercussions of ill-informed decision.

We can assist our clients in making and implementing financial decisions to help them meet their long-term goals. This involves a high level of empathy and understanding, with the ultimate goal to identify your specific needs and set the strategies in place to mitigate risk and help you achieve your financial objectives, with our expertise, knowledge and passion.

The key element to any investment decision is understanding your appetite around the risks associated with investing, and your tolerance to weather short-term losses, weighed against likely long-term gains.

Gain a better understanding of your investment options

We can help you better understand your attitude to investing and your tolerance to investment risk. This will enable us to tailor an investment plan that is best suited to your individual needs, taking into account your personal goals and objectives.

To explore your own appetite and capacity for risk, what options are available to you, weighed against your current and future financial needs, and discover how we can help you to excel and to prosper, speak with us today on (02) 8054 1688 or email us on services@perennialgrowth.com.au to make an appointment.