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Aged Care and Retirement Planning

Regardless of where you are in life, good advice can make a real difference, putting you on the path of future financial prosperity and security.

The Financial Planning Associations® (FPA®) defines financial planning as the process of wisely managing your financial resources, so that you can achieve your dreams and goals — while at the same time negotiating financial challenges that inevitably arise.       

                                                                        - Wall Street Journal

By being part of one of Australia’s largest non-institutional financial planning businesses, the group has been providing excellent indepedent financial advice to clients for over 25 years.

Aged Care

We endeavour to assist families to make informed decisions, including on what to do with the family home, when the siuation happens suddenly and without warning, that their loved one needs to enter into aged care.

We can assist a family to

  • Avoid making costly errors, such as selling their beloved long term family home when they might not need to,
  • Maximise their Centerlink Age Pension benefits,
  • Negotiate a better outcome with their intended aged care facility,
  • Understand their full range of options before making a decision,
  • Decide on the best strategy to pay their RAD or DAP,
  • Have a detailed knowledge of their cash flow after moving to the aged care facility,
  • Invest appropriately and strategically their available resources to boost their long term income stream.

We are focus on making their transition journey as smooth as possible and with a set of best posssible outcomes to their whole family.

We provide a complementary guide to help answer common questions so a family in needs has knowledge to avoid costly errors. Please simply enter details on the right side of this page to get your free copy of the guide.

The guide covers topics on types of aged care available, process and costs of moving into aged care, implications for the age pension and means tested care fee and etc. However, this guide is no substitute for financial advice, which is essential because every case is different.

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Retirement Planning

We can assess your current financial position and gain an understanding about you, your priorities, and your savings or retirement goals; answer any questions you have and discuss the next steps to create a tailored plan to help you reach your financial goals sooner and accomplish long term Financial Success.

We can also assist you with a review of any current financial plans you may have in place as a result of alternate advice from another institution or organisation.

To have greater peace of mind and for your long term financial prosperity, please call us today on (02) 8054 1688 to get started.